So far I have written two scripts with my good linguist friend Vili Maunula ( The first one is the script for my largest project - the game Adlerschluss 3D. Here, by clicking on the next link, you can download one of the recent versions of it. The second script is just a tribute to Max Payne's Address Unknown thriller/comedy bit. Both scripts rose out from small scrap materials done for secondary school and university home assignments.

So, here is the link for the Adlerschluss 3D project. More info is avaliable under my 'Projects' section.

Script No. 2 - BECAME DEAD WHILE 25
(Jazzed-up fanscript for Address Unknown of Sam Lake)

Part One

I was then 25. It is still cold. I can feel it as the syringe pierces the skin every day... For five years now I feel the liquid getting through my wanes... To calm me down. To cool me to the temperature as it is itself.

To make any kind of sense of it I have to leap back in time. One day a limo broke down in front of our yard. Blown radiator - the second most typical technicality; so to speak. The driver asked for some assistance. He used swab charm as he introduced himself - 'Mira, John Mira'.

As I went to garage for some coolant and a wrench, I heard something fizzle. I looked back. Nobody stood at the gate any more.

Ruby came out: 'Why did you come out and left the table dear?'

I couldn't give an answer her. I didn't want to. God she was so beautiful standing there...

One week passed away then I had a nightmare. Weird noises whacked me up from the bed - the same fizzy sound.

As I opened my eyes I saw jumpsuits all around. I don't now how I got to the middle of the living-room.

It happened so swiftly - I just watched them. As I was being tied to a chair I screamed in agony while they dragged my love away. I was unable to move. Every time I intended to rebel my actions ended up by a blow on the back of my head. There was no reason for it... I worked honest and hard. I never hurt anybody...

When they drove away with her, I was left still tied up. Then darkness. When I regained conscience I saw them again. They shot me full with tranquillisers. I couldn't even open my mouth. In a black van they drove me out of town. The countryside was sickingly pretty. The sun setting on a sweet summer's day. Rain sparkling on grass, birds in the trees, children playing, and then the final destination - the Pink Bird Mental Institute.

Part Two

They pretended to be hospital wardens. All the insane just shouted around me the same thing:

'The flesh, the flesh! The flesh of the fallen angels! I think I died, I think I am dead... I don't know, I don't know!

Death is coming! It's coming! They are here..., they are here... Get away, get away!'

They said I was an escaped mental patient.

'Diagnosis: paranoid schizophrenic. You are insane, psychotic. You have to take plenty of pills to get better.

They lied that I have killed my girlfriend and later on John Mira came to mock me in the bathroom mirror.

And a flamingo was with him.

'Mirrors are more fun than television.'

Mira claimed that my girlfriend's death was necessary and now she has been transcended to some fucked-up place. Turned evil and joined him while I was suffering in that two-square-foot room... Solitary confinement...

'She has died her hair red.'

I smashed the mirror and after that, I killed them all.

Part Three

I learned about John Mira. A devil-incarnate, a fallen angel. A serial killer who had framed me for his murders. He needed somebody - I got picked. I was hiding one day in a cheap motel and one night I woke to nock on my door. Someone slipped a note under it - a clue. I had been descended into a mystery, destined to catch him and find my red gem.

I found that he was always ahead of me by one step. The map of the town swallowed him and my girlfriend.

I was part of some elaborate game, complex for it's own sake. Every time I looked back upon my shoulder there was a shadow creeping on me. Glint of binoculars in a window - they were spying on me. They followed my every move.

When Mira killed again the map of the city changed. A crack appeared with every gunshot or stab and so I abandoned every conventional method of navigation. I was following the bloody signs he kept on leaving me. He was wanting me do that. The cracks even left a random mark like spilled black ink on paper.

Part Four

Wherever I went, payphones started to ring. Finally I gathered enough courage to answer one.

Ruby was at the other end: 'John they are closing in. You must run! John I love you, don't give up!'

I wasn't going to give up on her! I could hear her voice everywhere I went. I saw her everywhere. I saw her features in the azure sky, I saw her in every puddle... She guided me. I traced my double to a classy uptown nightclub - Pink Flamingo. It was happy-hour so they were serving flamingo cocktails. Somehow flamingos were tied to my double. A stripper at the bar just looked like my girlfriend. Mira's men had found me there. I ran.

'Stop him!'



Mira was also an influential figure. His men chased me in their white uniforms. They looked so clean. And there were the vans too.

Part Five

'You have a tumour in you brain. It's making you mad. We're forced to operate, aggressively.'

Mira's men tried to confuse me. They said that I was my double. Pumping drugs into me 24/7... Finally I got a chance but I was winded up thanks to their tonic.

As good as it gets...

'No! None of that! He has the drill! Restrain him.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh!'

'Wait... Easy... Give it back! That's a good boy.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh!'

I was in charge, but I had to escape. I couldn't let them stop me.

Part Six

The poet hit the nail on the head in his poem: 'Somebody has been wearing my face again...' - wrote. In this hall of mirrors built by liars I am a pale reflection of myself. I have escaped but I became a killer. I became John Mira. I was lost, I couldn't find my way back home.

Maybe I have always been him.

Again there was the booth:

'Hello? Is this John Mira?'

'Yes, this is he.'

'John Mira. Welcome to the next level.'

'Noooooooooo.... Nooooooo...'