I owe many thanks for all my good friends who help me finish the following projects. These truly prove that if people can share a common goal, only the sky is the limit. We do these projects as our hobbies and the side-results are turned into our professional works.

The screenshots and the 'Models' section images are all made for the following...

Adlerschluss 3D - FPS Game set in the Second World War

Adlerschluss 3D is going to be yet another FPS, which deals with WWII. Yes, although this genre is turning nowadays into a cliché, we really try to put a new twist into it. Instead of building up tactics to tackle a whole army with a rifle and get on single missions for a funky drilling officer without continuity, this project is based on a story with almost 80% realism implemented - no miracles here, or searching for lost treasures! Sometimes, it is going to be sarcastic and at other times heartbreaking.

Continuous plot line changes will ensure that you can never expect the same thing again when playing the game, and this may provide a kind of an RPG motive to the most familiar of themes. In this project, you don't have to restart a level when you, or your equipment begin to resemble Swiss cheese! Here the story goes on, even if you are bleeding to death! On the graphics side, we tried to find the most suitable models and 3D environment for faster loading, but for quality as well. Because we didn't want to turn into school-skipping kids, you will notice that the engine is based on some Half-Life and MoHAA related materials, but we have ensured that there will be no geometry errors at all. In fact, we would like to bring back some effects those games missed - for example much better physics overall and physical damaging on objects and on surfaces.

Realism also covers the historical accuracy of the models we used and the markings we presented. Hey, if we are making a war game, let us make it as historical as possible! For every virtual inch, we try to provide some sort of evidence. There is always one thing we want to overcome during development. We don't want to let the game fall flat towards the end. For this reason, we sometimes have to pause, and since there is nothing that urges us otherwise, we have the liberty to be creative. If somebody has no more ideas, others can take over anytime. Here there are no diversions between programmers, musicians and artists.

All in all, this game is created to test our abilities - as just a hobby. Are we able at all to program something so complicated in a reasonable amount of time?! During the past two years many people helped us with this. We learned about many new technologies, and we applied many experiences. We truly hope that you are going to have as much fun during gameplay, as we had during creating this project.


Used: Truevision3D engine, Visual Basic 6.0, various game editing tools
Year: 2001-2007 (in progress)


Since tank simulations are such rarities nowadays, our team decided to release its first stand alone title IRON SIX - a gap filling game design in many senses. Finally a package that will try to combine all the efforts and merits of the genre's predecessors made in the 90s. The aim is to concentrate on the simulations side, the pure technical details of the vehicles. Never have been "What if..." scenarios more accurate concerning the abilities of the units against each-other.

The other strong point of the game will be the realistic depiction of different combat tactics of modern land warfare focusing on recent mechanized units. IRON SIX is not purely dedicated to just one type or brand of vehicles. It presents a matching of different classes which in themselves consist of at least two types of war machines. Also it is possible to fight on both sides of the opposing combatants, as this feature is now a missing game ingredient on the market.

The player will be able to come up with strategies as well beside the simulation bit. This area is very close to the heart of the developers whose aim is to represent in full spectrum different battlefield situations. The player can therefore also take charge of aerial support and command available artillery. Beside these characteristics other features will enable the player to try out FPS-like usage of hand-held arms and have a taste of what is like being a helicopter pilot. All in all the game idea is a combination of technologies used similarly in modern popular action games but with enhanced realism and put in an actual combat simulation. Game physics detail will surely be rare to find in any other simulations at the time.

On the graphics side, IRON SIX tries to reach back to a level where models were drawn the most reasonable way in order to let the capacity of modern PCs generate very in-depth and action packed virtual locations. The simplest and most elegant polygon usage combined with textures directly influenced by accurate blueprints lets the player experience a rare visual feast in this game category. Historical accuracy concerning vehicle chassis will be around 90% or more! It is fair to say, that IRON SIX reaches the level of most company sponsored endeavors. The TrueVision 3D based engine technology provides such a glamorous naturalistic detail that the benefits are even fully enjoyable from a simple screenshot.

Beside all above mentioned merits, IRON SIX is also will be pretty easily expandable due to our patching policy, which means that simple add-ons will be enough to expand the title with more and more units from even more eras and categories.


Used: Truevision3D engine, Visual Basic 6.0, various game editing tools.
Year: 2007-????



Earlier I was a huge fan of FLIGHT SIM TOOLKIT. I am very sorry they did not continue it in greater measures. When the engine was a huge hit, me and my friend Bence Blaske prepared a small proggy for thirty detailed aircraft we designed. Feel free to download this little experiment if you want to know better the most important warplanes of WWII. CHECK SIX!

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- RAR format, 1202 KB

Year: 1999-2002

Need of an extractor? - Here's a link to WINRAR.



A formulating idea about a TTS-based software for aiding both the blind and the healthy. Still in its development stages.

More to follow soon!

Year: 2005-????